July 15, 2024

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Boston Consulting Group launches center for geopolitics

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm, this month launched its new center for geopolitics.

The center will merge geopolitical acumen and analytical capabilities to understand, anticipate, and plan for an increasingly fraught and fragile global landscape. The center draws on expertise from BCG’s global advantage practice – which advises organizations on international go-to-market strategy, trade, and emerging markets – as well as its deep multi-sectoral knowledge.

Although commonly used as a fancy-sounding substitute for “international relations,” the term “geopolitics” is actually more specific. It generally refers to the study of the impact of human and physical geography on politics and international relations.

Boston Consulting Group launches center for geopolitics

“A more fragmented world presents businesses with a great deal of uncertainty and tremendous risks. Businesses need to treat geopolitical risk with the same urgency and importance as they gave to the disruptive rise of digital and the climate crisis,” said Nikolaus Lang, managing director and senior partner at BCG and chair of the center for geopolitics. “The Center for Geopolitics will cut through the noise to deliver factual, tangible insights that empower executives to make confident decisions, in tune with business realities.”

The war in Ukraine has to some degree fractured the illusion of the post-Cold War order. American businesses with significant assets in China may be questioning how exposed they are to the risk of a potential invasion of Taiwan and a consequent US-China conflict. They might also be wondering what climate change might mean for their factories in India or various coastal regions, or if their mines in Latin America and Africa are subject to degrading rule of law or the campaigns of private military corporations.

“Our clients want to understand the commercial impact of geopolitics, and they are bringing specific challenges to us—from managing supply chain exposure to driving global growth to setting up resilient global operating model,” said Aparna Bharadwaj, managing director and partner at BCG and global leader of the firm’s global advantage practice. “The Center will enable BCG to share unique perspectives that connect to BCG’s products and services to drive global advantage for our clients.”