July 19, 2024

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Cobble Hill musician gets $8,000 provincial grant

Liv Wade of Cobble Hill is one of more than 200 musicians and music companies that will benefit from a provincial government investment of $7.5 million to develop and support musicians’ careers while promoting the music industry in B.C.

More than $3.3 million is being distributed to hundreds of artists and companies for career development, live music events, business development, industry initiatives, and attracting out-of-province talent to record in B.C.

“This provincial funding from Creative BC towards my career development is very essential and instrumental in helping me take important career steps forward as an emerging artist,” said Wade. “I am very grateful for the support.”

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MLAs Sheila Malcolmson and Doug Routley said in a press release that this funding will help B.C.-based musicians to develop their careers and grow the local music industry as well as help grow the local music industry in both Nanaimo and North Cowichan.

“The impact music has on us all is immeasurable, and it’s important we support our local artists to continue to create,” said Routley, MLA for Nanaimo-North Cowichan. “This funding will support artists in our region to create music that can be appreciated by people around the world.”

Recipients in the music industry initiatives stream include Ladysmith’s BC Immersive Audio Education – Sync or Swim Music which will receive $12,000, and Ladysmith’s The Sync or Swim Music Event – Sync or Swim Music that will receive $15,000. Recipients of the career development stream include Aaron Pritchett of Nanaimo who will receive $25,000, and Wade, who will receive $8,000.

”This funding means that I can continue to develop and build my career in a more professional and meaningful way and allows me to take up opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have in the same way,” said Wade. “This means I can go into the studio and hire a vital professional team to help my music that I write ‘come to life’. This in turn helps me apply to different opportunities and showcase music on the radio (CBC, IMC, SIRIUS XM). It also gives me the opportunity to grow next to and learn from industry professionals. The funding also means that I can try to inspire the next generation and highlight important messages in my songwriting geared towards youth — especially with being queer and coming from a mixed heritage of Métis roots. I think representation is important in all industries, but in my case, music — it also is great to support the B.C. music industry too.”

Wade said she is just wrapping the album that she recorded over the last couple of years and is currently switching gears to get back into songwriting. She will soon be recording an EP album with Canadian producer Winston Hauschild on Bowen Island. Wade and Hauschild met just over a decade ago and he has produced all of her albums to date. She is aiming to have her most recent project released late this spring. Wade says that in the past the pair have hired amazing talent for session musicians, including Flavio Crillio (Dallas Smith, Jann Arden), Darren Parris (Frazey Ford), Chris Gestrin (Randy Bachman, Bryan Adams) and Kris Ulrich (Dallas Smith).

“I am thinking about what direction to take and how I can grow through this experience,” said Wade. “This album will be recorded a little differently than previous records as not only have I learned a lot, but my working relationship with Winston has developed into a great creative and trusting relationship. We hope to take more independent steps this time and hire less of a band, but have aspects of some of these talents included. We are trying to create a very intimate layered album.”