July 15, 2024

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How LinkedIn Revolutionizes Learning With AI-Powered Coaching

In the fast-paced world of career development, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, and keeping your skills sharp and updated is often needed for professional survival. LinkedIn, the go-to platform for global professional networking, has taken a giant leap forward in this regard. In October, LinkedIn introduced AI-powered coaching, offering personalized, real-time advice and tailored content recommendations for learners based on their job title, career goals, and skills they follow. Today, this innovative feature is available to all Premium subscribers in English, and it’s already making waves in the learning community.

Since its launch, LinkedIn’s AI-powered coaching has garnered positive feedback, with 76% of learners reporting that it has helped them build highly marketable skills. Initially, the tool focused on two of the most in-demand skills: leadership and management. On June 13, LinkedIn expanded its capabilities to include career development and professional development skills. This means learners can now ask questions like, “How can I develop a mentoring team for my career?” or “How can I stand out if everyone here is a high achiever?” and receive immediate, tailored answers.

In lieu of generic advice, LinkedIn’s AI-powered coaching engages users in a more interactive way. The tool asks clarifying questions to provide personalized advice, examples, and feedback based on hundreds of hours of courses from LinkedIn’s expert instructors. This feature enables learners to discover instructors’ content faster and receive recommendations aligned with their specific skill needs. The LinkedIn Learning courses in this program span a wide variety of topics from AI to mentoring and are taught by some of the most sought-after LinkedIn Learnign instructors on the platform. Some of the key courses in this offering include:

How to Highlight Your Job Skills

Leveraging Your Transferable Skills to Drive Your Career

Coach Your Team to Learn, Stretch, And Grow

Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI

Creating Your Internal Mobility Career Plan

Skills-First Interviewing

Becoming an Inspiring Mentor

Communication Foundations

Strategic Thinking Tips to Solve Problems and Innovate

How to Boost Your Productivity with AI Tools

According to LinkedIn data, the skills required for jobs globally are projected to change by 51% by 2030, a trend accelerated by the rise of generative AI, which is expected to push this change to 68%. With AI-powered coaching, organizations can expedite their teams’ skill development, ensuring they remain competitive.

LinkedIn is not stopping there. The platform also integrates AI-powered coaching into its extensive library of over 10,000 English courses, available to Premium and enterprise customers. Now, learners can ask for content summaries or pose clarifying questions directly within the course, receiving real-time insights and takeaways on the course pages.

LinkedIn’s updates to its AI-powered coaching and learning features signify a paradigm shift in the way professionals can develop their skills and advance their careers. By providing personalized, real-time support and integrating AI into the learning experience, LinkedIn is setting a new standard for professional development. As the job market continues to evolve, tools like these will be indispensable for professionals striving to stay ahead.