July 15, 2024

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How Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs Shape The Future

According to reporting from Bloomberg, millions of businesses are started every year at an average pace of 14,000 per day. That gives consumers many options to choose from when deciding where and how to spend their hard-earned money, forcing businesses to find ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd. One such way is by focusing on purpose rather than only thinking about profits.

Consumers are paying attention to how brands spend their time and money. An estimated 52% of American consumers deliberately buy from brands that support important causes, and 36% expect brands to support social causes, according to Nielsen research. Yet, Nielsen’s report found that 55% of consumers don’t believe brands are making meaningful progress in this direction. The expectation on behalf of consumers, combined with their inherent skepticism, presents an opportunity for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to shape the future of their brands and industries.

The Rise Of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

Purpose-driven entrepreneurship is not new, but its prominence has surged recently. “We’re witnessing a paradigm shift in the global business landscape as more entrepreneurs recognize the need to address pressing social and environmental issues. This shift is driven by several factors, including increased consumer awareness, the growing importance of corporate social responsibility, and the undeniable importance of mental health for overall health and safety,” says Mike Wilson, Co-Founder of Medicinal Media, a nonprofit illuminating the intersection of beneficial arts and science.

Today’s consumers are savvy. They are more informed and conscious of their choices than previous generations, thanks primarily to the rise of the internet. It’s easy to search to learn about a brand’s values quickly and whether they are fulfilling them. “People demand transparency, ethical practices, and products and services that align with their values. That’s why purpose-driven entrepreneurs are stepping up to meet these expectations by integrating sustainability and social impact into their business models,” says Wilson.

Redefining Success

While revenue and profit margins are still crucial for businesses to measure, these metrics are no longer the sole indicators of success. Purpose-driven entrepreneurs redefine success by incorporating social and environmental impact into their bottom line. They measure their achievements by financial growth and the positive changes they bring to society and the planet.

“It’s clear to me that businesses in the future will not be permitted to grow without purpose,” says Todd Tillemans, President of Hershey, U.S. He adds, “The health and prosperity of our brands directly enable us to make a unique and significant impact in the world. I also believe that activating our purpose will accelerate growth. It’s a virtuous cycle.”

This shift in perspective fosters a new generation of leaders prioritizing long-term value over short-term gains. These entrepreneurs understand that sustainable success requires trust and a genuine commitment to improving the world. Adopting a purpose-driven approach, they attract like-minded investors, employees, and customers who share their vision.

After co-founding several for-profit businesses, Wilson shifted to the non-profit sector. “Our organization represents a shift in non-profit strategy, employing a for-profit business model to achieve self-sustainability rapidly. This approach frees us from the constant fundraising cycle, allowing us to focus entirely on our mission to maximize our impact. This exciting journey has already garnered the support of prominent figures such as actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, international yoga influencer Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene, civil rights attorney Terry Gross, among others. Together, we are committed to making a significant and lasting impact on mental health.”

The Future Of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

The challenges we face today, from mental health awareness to social inequality, require bold and innovative solutions. Purpose-driven entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to address these issues by leveraging their passion, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. However, to do so, they need to communicate their purpose effectively and put it at the center of their business model. “Leaders need to think hard about how to make purpose central to their strategy. The best tactics for doing that are transforming the leadership agenda and disseminating purpose throughout the organization,” says Thomas W. Malnight, Ivy Buche, and Charles Dhanaraj for The Harvard Business Review. “It’s not enough to say you have a purpose. Leaders need to truly live their purpose every day in their interactions with clients, employees, and other stakeholders,” adds Wilson.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs are shaping the future by using their influence and platforms to benefit society. As more people recognize the benefits of purpose-driven businesses, it will soon become a requirement, not an option, for companies to take a purpose-first leadership approach.