June 22, 2024

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Saskatchewan’s Tourism Industry Continues to Grow | News and Media

Released on June 10, 2024

Recent domestic and international visitation figures show that Saskatchewan’s tourism industry is on the path to growth.

The latest data released by Statistics Canada demonstrate a strong increase in tourism expenditures in Saskatchewan. Travel spending reached almost $2.85 billion in 2023, outpacing the $2.4 billion in spending that was generated in 2022. Similarly, hotel occupancy rates and revenue for 2023 showed significant growth over the previous year.

Grasslands National Park. A nighttime scene featuring two tents illuminated by flashlights. The sky overhead is full of stars.

Domestic travel is also showing strong numbers. Saskatchewan experienced 21 per cent growth in overnight visitation in 2023, the most out of all Canadian provinces.

“Saskatchewan’s tourism industry is continuing to grow our economy, create new jobs and provide one-of-a-kind experiences to visitors coming to our province,” Minister Responsible for Tourism Saskatchewan Jeremy Harrison said. “Our government set an ambitious target in the Saskatchewan Growth Plan for a 50 per cent increase in annual tourism expenditures by the year 2030. These latest figures show that our tourism industry is on track to achieving that goal.”

Saskatoon, River Landing. A scene of a wide river near downtown Saskatoon at sunset. A bridge extends over the water, leading to a cluster of skyscrapers. A woman with a ponytail sits in a canoe in the bottom corner.

In addition to domestic travel, visitation from the United States has increased, with 2023 figures showing a 54 per cent increase in U.S. travelers by car. With the re-introduction of an air route between Minneapolis and Saskatoon, air arrivals increased by 46 per cent in 2023. In addition, fishing and hunting license sales rose by 26 per cent over 2022.

“The tourism industry was heavily affected by the downturn in travel over the last few years, not only within the province but on a national and international level,” Tourism Saskatchewan CEO Jonathan Potts said. “The latest figures released by Statistics Canada, along with other positive indicators, demonstrate that tourism in our province is on the upswing. Our organization is focused on reaching the goal set out in the Saskatchewan Growth Plan to assist the tourism industry in achieving $3.6 billion in annual travel spending by 2030. The efforts of our industry partners, with support from sound research and innovative strategies, will help get us there. It is gratifying to see that people are embracing Saskatchewan as an enticing destination.”

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The Conference Board of Canada predicts that tourism revenues will continue to increase. Long-term, the Conference Board of Canada estimates that Saskatchewan will reach approximately $3.57 billion in annual visitor expenditures in 2028.


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