July 19, 2024

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ArtsEquator Fellowship Seeks Southeast Asian Arts Critics for Mid-Career Development Program

ArtsEquator is calling for applications from mid-career arts critics and journalists in Southeast Asia for its Fellowship program, aiming to enhance critical arts discourse in the region. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for professionals dedicated to analyzing and promoting the arts through critical content. With a stipend of 5,000 SGD, the Fellowship runs from 1 July 2024 to 31 December 2024, focusing on theatre, dance, and film.

Empowering Voices in the Arts

The Fellowship is designed for those eager to voice their community’s artistic endeavors, spotlighting works and offering insights into underexplored subjects within Southeast Asia’s vibrant arts scene. Participants will produce five reviews and one in-depth essay in various formats, including written, video, or podcast, focusing on events and performances specific to their country. This program not only aims to elevate the profile of the arts in the region but also to foster a network of critics and journalists who can contribute to the global understanding of Southeast Asia’s cultural landscape.

Application Criteria and Content Creation

Candidates must be from Southeast Asia, showcasing a commitment to their local arts scene. Applicants are required to propose a preliminary list of six topics, performances, or films they intend to cover, ensuring a diverse representation of the region’s artistic output. The produced content, while not published on ArtsEquator.com, is intended to bolster the applicant’s local network, with distribution plans to be outlined in the application. This approach aims to disseminate critical insights more broadly, reaching beyond traditional publication avenues to social media, blogs, and other digital platforms.

Selection Process and Fellowship Benefits

No more than seven Fellows will be selected for this cycle, with shortlisted candidates undergoing further interviews. This selective process ensures a high-quality cohort capable of producing insightful content that resonates within and beyond their communities. The Fellowship not only offers financial support but also a platform for mid-career professionals to expand their influence, engage with a wider network, and contribute significantly to the discourse around the arts in Southeast Asia.

As this Fellowship progresses, the anticipation grows for the fresh perspectives and narratives that will emerge, enriching the cultural tapestry of Southeast Asia. The initiative underscores the importance of critical dialogue in the arts, promising to elevate the understanding and appreciation of the region’s diverse artistic expressions.