June 22, 2024

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Blendification Empowers Consulting Firms of All Sizes with AI-Driven Strategic Planning Software Platform

BOULDER, Colo., May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Blendification is excited to announce the launch of its Strategic Planning and Execution platform, a game-changing tool that leverages generative AI to enhance the capabilities of consulting firms, enabling them to offer services previously available only through large firms like McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). By reducing the cost and time to lead strategy engagements by up to 90%, Blendification makes sophisticated and effective strategic planning accessible to businesses of all sizes and empowers consulting firms.

Historically, high-end strategy consulting has been dominated by large firms focusing primarily on the upper echelons of large client companies, consuming significant time and financial resources. Blendification’s software expands access to all consulting firms and organizations by using AI to engage every employee in strategic planning, enhance employee commitment, and foster a deeper connection to the company’s goals.

“Our platform doesn’t replace consultants; it fundamentally enhances their role by enabling them to deliver comprehensive, high-quality strategy consulting that was previously out of reach for many firms,” said Dan Bruder, CEO and Co-founder of Blendification. “By automating the labor-intensive data collection and analysis processes, consultants can focus on interpreting data, providing strategic insights, and guiding companies through complex challenges.”

Below are the steps showing how AI enhances consultants’ impact on client outcomes while expanding advisory-based revenue streams:

Step 1: AI Conducts Strategy Interviews: The AI performs thorough, simultaneous interviews across the entire company, dramatically reducing the time and cost required to gather deep insights. This frees up the consultant to spend time focused on organizational leadership.

Step 2: AI Creates Strategic Framework: After completing the interviews, the AI quickly analyzes the data to identify key themes, synthesizing them into a comprehensive strategic plan (using the Strategy Whiteboard framework) in just a few minutes, arming consultants with meaningful direction facilitates better decision-making.

Step 3: AI Facilitates Strategy Execution: Enhancing the consultant’s role further, the platform supports the strategy execution phase. Consultants use AI’s insights and strategic direction to guide companies in effectively refining and implementing their strategies and actions.

“By providing a tool that elevates the strategic planning capabilities of consulting firms, we’re not just leveling the playing field; we’re enabling a new generation of consultants to thrive in a competitive market,” explained Shawn DeVerse, President and Co-founder of Blendification.

Blendification’s platform slashes strategic planning time while including more employees and stakeholders. It ensures consultants are focused on meaningful conversations that align with the organization’s direction. The following are five benefits for the consultant clients:

  1. Improved decision-making
  2. Enhanced strategic alignment
  3. Elevated employee engagement
  4. Increased operational efficiency
  5. Optimized strategy execution

Correspondingly, consultants using the Blendification software experience several positive outcomes for their practice:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Consultants can significantly reduce the time needed to gather and analyze data, allowing them to focus more on strategic thinking and solution development.
  2. Expanded Reach and Revenue Streams: The software enables consultants to provide services to a broader range of clients, including smaller businesses that might not have been able to afford traditional consulting engagements.
  3. Enhanced Insights: By leveraging AI to synthesize data from across an entire company, consultants gain deeper and more comprehensive insights, leading to more informed and effective strategic recommendations.
  4. Greater Client Engagement: The software’s participatory approach to gathering input from all employees enhances buy-in and engagement from the client’s team, leading to more successful implementation and longer-term engagements.
  5. Competitive Advantage: By utilizing advanced AI tools, consultants can differentiate their services from traditional consulting firms, offering cutting-edge solutions that make their offerings more attractive in the marketplace.

About Blendification
Blendification is dedicated to enabling people to embrace the workplace as an opportunity to activate and pursue potential. Blendification provides AI-powered software for strategic planning and implementation (Company Focus Track) and employee growth (Employee Focus Track). Each application is a digital framework with a step-by-step workflow, integrated guidance, and a structure for developing the connection between the company and employees. Blendification’s software platform supports consultants and organizations as they navigate a rapidly changing future.

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