July 19, 2024

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Builders fined for more falling construction debris at major Burnaby development

WorkSafeBC has fined CapWest Forming Ltd. and A. Carrillo & Bros Concrete Ltd. for a shoring post and two pieces of plywood that fell from the 62nd level of tower 2 at the Gilmore Place development in Brentwood.

Falling construction debris that could have killed or seriously injured someone has led to more WorkSafeBC fines for builders at a major Burnaby condo development.

Tower 2 at Onni Group’s Gilmore Place development on the corner of Lougheed Highway and Gilmore Avenue is the tallest building in B.C.

In January, CapWest Forming Ltd., the concrete formwork contractor on the skyscraper was fined $28,150.47 for a shoring post that plummeted from the 62nd level to the sixth level, landing 80 feet from the base of the building, according to WorkSafeBC inspection reports obtained by the NOW.

The near-miss – on Sept. 27, 2023 – happened on a day when there were 905 workers on site, but no one was injured. 

A WorkSafe inspector concluded the “means of restraint” used to keep the post from falling off the tower were “not effective.”

The report noted CapWest had subcontracted the concrete finishing work on tower 2 to A. Carrillo & Bros Concrete Ltd. but had “not ensured the health and safety of their workers, other workers performing work on behalf of the employer, and other workers at this workplace.”

WorkSafe shut down all “leading edge” work on the highrise until the safety issues were resolved.

CapWest was then fined for the incident, which the inspector said presented “a high risk of serious injury or death to workers on site.”

A. Carrillo & Bros Concrete Ltd. was also behind another case of falling debris at Gilmore Place, according to WorkSafe.

On August 25, 2023, two pieces of plywood measuring 33 inches by 15 inches and 35 inches by 25 inches sailed from the 62nd level – one landing on a public crosswalk on Lougheed Highway and the other on a grassy area beside the street, according to the reports.

The WorkSafe investigator called to that incident concluded A. Carrillo & Bros Concrete Ltd. workers had been stripping forms near the edge of the 62nd level and had left the plywood untethered.

“The work area was not verified or inspected to ensure that all materials were secured from falling prior to the crew leaving the area,” stated the WorkSafe report.

The inspector said the incident had presented a “high risk of serious injury” and that A. Carrillo & Bros Concrete Ltd. had failed to provide workers with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.

WorkSafe fined the company $4,214.07 in November.

Both companies are appealing the penalties.

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