July 15, 2024

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Global consultancy Simon-Kucher launches new office in Riyadh

Global commercial strategy consulting firm Simon-Kucher has opened a new office in Riyadh, reinforcing its commitment to the fast-growing region and Saudi market.

Germany-headquartered Simon-Kucher – which has seen consistent growth every year since the global financial crisis – has been based in the Middle East since 2012, when it established its Dubai office.

Over the past dozen years, Simon-Kucher has grown its footprint in the region (mainly in the UAE) to mirror its global standing and portfolio, offering services in commercial strategy, pricing, and sales & marketing. The firm works for local and international clients.

Simon-Kucher launches new office in Riyadh

Boosting its regional presence, Simon-Kucher has now added an on the ground presence in Saudi Arabia to its footprint, becoming its 46th worldwide.

“Opening our new office in Riyadh marks a significant milestone in our continued global expansion,” said Andreas von der Gathen, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher (together with Mark Billige).

“Situated at the heart of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is undergoing a transformative journey of diversification and modernization through its Vision 2030 initiative. Simon-Kucher’s expertise, spanning pricing strategies, marketing, sales, and digitalization, aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of the region. As true pricing and growth specialists, we’re focused on delivering tangible results for our clients.”

Lovrenc Kessler, Partner and Dubai Managing Director at Simon-Kucher, overseeing the company’s operations in the Middle East, said that the move into KSA comes in response to growing demand for a local presence and major opportunities the consulting firm sees for helping companies unlock growth through its specialized expertise.

“Our local consultants in Saudi are dedicated to driving tangible impact and advancing businesses and institutions,” said Kessler.

At the helm of the KSA team

Leading the expansion in KSA is Salim Al Gudhea, appointed Partner and Managing Partner of the Riyadh office. Al Gudhea previously was the Founder and Managing Partner of Wazeen Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in strategic and economic advisory across multiple sectors such as culture, entertainment, sports, and tourism.

Salim Al Gudhea, Andreas von der Gathen, Lovrenc Kessler

Quoted in the article: Salim Al Gudhea, Andreas von der Gathen, Lovrenc Kessler

As a consultant, Al Gudhea provided strategic guidance on projects like the Cinema Launch in Saudi Arabia and the design and deployment of a national Cultural Fund. In industry, he among others served as CEO of the General Entertainment Authority and Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economy and Planning, and worked for the Saudi Central Bank and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

“It’s an ideal timing for Simon-Kucher to expand into the Saudi market, which welcomes the specialized consulting offerings of the firm. The market will especially benefit from Simon-Kucher’s expertise in the design and implementation of dynamic pricing models as well as growth and commercial models.”

“Our Riyadh-based team is dedicated to driving value creation, growth, and profitability in this dynamic [and $1 trillion] economy. By integrating local and regional expertise with the global connectivity of a leading pricing and growth specialist, we aim to deliver impactful solutions.”

Other Partners in Simon-Kucher’s Middle East business include Chris Bergman, Marc Matar, Sebastian Grunow and Jan Gudat.